We are Beer Boys ADL, who?

We’re two lads from Adelaide, Dan and Tom, that enjoy drinking beers, all beers, not just craft, not just draught, anything and everything is a fair froth.

After meeting on a shark cage diving trip, a very seedy boat trip called for some hair of the dog which ended in us trying a beer from each state of Australia. Whilst making our ‘beer tour of Oz’ that’s when we realised, there’s heaps of people showing off food and fashion but not as many showing off beer and so Beer Boys ADL was born.

Our game plan is simple, help unite the beer loving community through its liquid heart (beer of course), showing off the best brews, bars and froth pourers. So whether you’re sinking a butcher, pony, schooner or pint, if you’ve got a beer based idea or opinion, we wanna hear it!