We all have that one friend who needs the whole month, half a dozen outfits, fancy dinners, cake and a holiday to celebrate something big… right?

For us it’s been a short but very frothie 6 or so months and we are now celebrating 5000 + Brewskis on Instagram, which we’re stoked about! Unlike that friend, we are going to celebrate by going on an adventure across 11 cities throughout Europe for a couple of months! But it’s not just about us… we want you to come too!

Ok, hear us out. Not everyone can jump on a plane and head to Europe but we want you to experience the beers we drink and the frothie times we have whilst traveling.

We are going to plot out the course of this adventure and please feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions you may have for us from cool pubs, bars, breweries or things we just HAVE to see or do!

In classic Australian style we start our adventure across Europe in London on the 14th of July.  Below are our dates, if any of you brewskis want to have a beer with us and our dates align, hit us up, we’d love to have a froth with you!


London: July 14 – 21

Scotland (Glasgow): July 21 – 24

Scotland (Edinburgh): July 24 – 27

France (Paris): July 27 – 30

Germany (Munich): July 30 – August 3

Croatia (Split): August 3 – 5

Croatia (Busabout Sail – Split to Dubrovnik): August 5 – 12

Croatia (Dubrovnik): August 12 – 13

Greece (Athens): August 13 – 14

Greece (IOS): August 14 – 20

Greece (Mykonos): August 20 – 26

Amsterdam: August 26 – 30


You can follow our journey through our Instagram + Facebook and we are also SUPER excited to announce that we have started up a YOUTUBE CHANNEL – Head over and be sure to subscribe, we’ll be producing vlogs and short films throughout the trip. This is how you brewskis will get to share our experiences!

Cheers n beers,

Dan and Tom