Brewskis, do we have some frothy news for you!

The legends over at Bellr are here to get you off the couch and back out into the world, and we’re here to tell you about it.

Who and what is Bellr you may be wondering? 

Bellr is an app that venues can use to post live promotions at any time, day or night. These promotions could be anything… literally anything, and they pop up and disappear in real time. So, Brewskis make sure you keep your eyes on the app and follow your favourite Adelaide venues. When you find something you like, don’t hesitate, just hit the ‘secure’ button and claim that frothy offer!

Keen to give it a try? Well we have the perfect option for you to get started with! The Bellr crew has teamed up with The Austral to offer you Brewskis a real frothy deal to keep you hydrated this November. With $10 jugs of Mismatch Session Ale and Hills Cider, every single day! Need we say more? Cheap beer… how good!?

The game plan is simple. Download Bellr, head to The Austral, redeem and enjoy. And If that’s not simple enough… see screenshots below.


You’re welcome, Brewskis! Enjoy.

Cheers n beers,

Dan and Tom