Who says Australia doesn’t have any culture? From sausage sizzles, pavlovas, bottle-o’s, vegemite and everything in between.

The old tinnie also holds a special place in Australian culture and it’s making a comeback with craft brewers around the country embracing this much-loved retro vessel. Craft Cartel have bundled up some of the best for you to enjoy with the boys, or the girls! – A perfect gift (hint, hint… girlfriends) or just a sneaky treat for yourself.

Let’s get one thing straight, nothing screams summer weekend like the sound of cracking open a cold one on a warm Friday arvo, that’s what we did last Friday!

We have rated our top ten frothies in Craft Cartels ‘Top 10 Tinnies’ box and are sharing the experience we had with each of them with you brewskis. Some of these froths you would have seen featured on our Instagram before, as we totally agree with Craft Cartel they are definitely some of the best going around.


Without further ado, below are our top ten, of the ‘Top 10 Tinnies’.

1. Black Hops Brewing – Pale Ale

Surprisingly our favourite tinnie! Don’t let its looks fool you, this is a very slammable frothy that’s tropical and light but full of flavour!

2. Brewdog – Punk IPA

This one is sure to get your tail wagging! We experienced many of these whilst over in the UK earlier this year… these little grenades sure do have a frothy flavour explosion!

3. Balter Brewing – XPA

Balter is a belter of a beer that packs the highest percentage in the box although you wouldn’t pick it by taste! Side note… it’s a 10/10 with a pizza!

4. Mornington Peninsula Brewery – Lager

From its impressive looking tinnie to its refreshingly crispy taste, this beer doesn’t let you down! Light in colour but not in flavour, this one is perfect for those weekends up at the shack.

5. 4 Pines Brewing – Indian Summer Ale

With the weather heating up and the days getting longer, this one is perfect to start on in the arvo and continue after sunset. Very easy drinking!

6. Colonial Brewing Co – Small Ale

When citrus and bitterness combine you get a small ale! Light in alcohol but certainly not light in taste like some other mid strength froths. Bonus points for the retro pop top tinnie!

7. Pirate Life Brewing – Pale Ale

Like us, this one is also from ADL!  These cheeky pales pack a punch and won’t disappoint in flavour. It’s a pleasure and an experience – After a few of these it may feel like you’re wearing pirate eye patches!

8. Young Henrys – Newtowner

Not as pale as you’d expect and with some similar characteristics to a lager, this one is a nice easy drinker! A very slammable Australian Pale Ale!

9. Feral Brewing Co – Sly Fox Session Ale

This one brings the gap between beer and cider closer! Passionfruit hits the nose and the sweat nectar hits the lips, perfect for those summer nights skating along the espy and also for anyone new to beers that generally opt for cider!

10. Pirate Life Brewing – Throwback IPA

Arrrghhhh! This super tangy middy IPA will get you sailing through a session without walking the plank!



There you have it brewskis, our top ten from Craft Cartels ‘Top 10 Tinnies’ box. It certainly wasn’t easy to put these frothies into an order as all of them are great and are suited to different occasions, from slammable to sessionable to one beer wonders.

It was exceptionally hard to pick the top three, as you could imagine! Now it’s your turn to try them!

Brewskis, if you would like to give these frothies a crack… we’ve teamed up with Craft Cartel and are running a comp where you can win a box of these Top 10 Tinnies. Head over to – https://gleam.io/2u0zC/win-a-top-10-tinnies-case and enter!

You can also purchase a case for $59 over at https://www.ccliquor.com.au/product/top-10-tinnies/!

Cheers n beers,

Dan and Tom